Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Random drawings during a random convo wif sasa.
Unsuspecting Ewee.
Traditional head massage which according to sasa
caused brain damage to weewee.
The one, the only, Mr PEEETERRRRR~
U can tell which comp Ms Jean used just by
checking the mouse. =D
Wongchun style mechanics by Mr wong...

..and since he's so awesome, he gets 2 pics.

Finally, what weewee gets everyday sitting next
to yours truly.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Me too :D

Ok la, you all know I'm still in Malaysia right? But still, I wanna share a bit la on my orientation at least xD. During the orientation week, I found out that my class comprises of many awesome debaters, people who stood out all their high school and college lives. It's ok, I won't be beaten down just because I wasn't as bright as they were. Everyone shines differently, I know that someday I'll find the light that belongs to me.

Also, my lecturers were all very intimidating, it's good in a way, you know how Malaysian students has been trained to be passive and I can safely say that, we have been spoonfed all our primary and secondary schools lives. Let me assure you, there's no such thing anymore in university, at least not in Taylor's Law School/University of Reading. Basically, it's all about working in a team/group and also all the hardwork one is willing to put in.

It's a program which trains all of us law students to be vocal, competitive, all-rounded and most importantly, to be able to survive in the future. There are many law graduates nowadays, and everyone is just about the same, what makes them different is their ability to shine in their own ways, and I believe that's what the employer sees in a potential candidate.

Nowadays, it's not all about attending classes, doing assignments and cramming for exams anymore, no more the life of a geek. We are also required to be active in clubs and societies ( Law Society, Mooting, Lexicon Newsletter & Community Service in my case). Well, like what Mr. Gerald from the LASC team said, it's better to be involved in one club and contribute as best as we can, rather than be what majority did in high school, that is to join everything and be active in nothing.

I'm not so sure about which to join though, I myself love to write, and I used to be in Leo Club, those were the days where we would go around visiting Orphanage/Old Folks Home. Sorry, it was a sudden pang of nostalgia that stroke me. Now, I really miss high school :(. Miss those days I used to spend with my friends who are now basically scattered all over the world BUT Malaysia :(.

Today marks the end of the Orientation week, basically everything were already explained by the lecturers, my classmates were all holding books already (including me of course), but I didn't get the one that's most recommended though. It's ok because everything about law is still very new to me, I'll just start reading and get used to the idea of it :).

I'm getting to know everyone in the course, and some seniors greeted us today. I also found out a lot about other seniors who totally shone during their years with Taylor's. Like what one of them said, you can be a queen of anything, and you can also be a conqueror. Just by hearing about what she said, I'm determined to conquer my fear in university. After all, university does not encourage passiveness, it's all about opening up, taking on challenges and overcome yourself.

Hmm, I think it's enough for now, I better get back to reading the interesting case report I was reading, I'm taking a lot of time in reading it, because everything is just so new and so formal. I'm a slow reader :X

*Words in green are just what I heard and derived la ><*

Watch other people make mistake and learn from it, or you could make the unwise decision yourself and outgrow it, so that you won't make the same mistake anymore. :) - Mr. Gerald

Welcome failures into our lives. It's how we grow. What matters is not that you failed, but that you recovered. :) - MIT

What does not destroy me or make me lose my belief, will only make me stronger and tougher. :) - Me

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My turn my turn. =D


My name here is 'Amy', because, first they can't pronounce Wei Wen properly, and second they can't remember it.

Warwick has A LOT of Malaysians. There was this 52 group student, and they're all from JPA/KPMG. Warwick is in the middle of nowhere, and the fast food stalls (MacD/Pizza Hut/KFC) are all a 5 min bus ride away. But it has lots of animals here, especially ducks, squirrels and geese. People here drink, drink and drink everyday. My impression of their daily routine is: Wake up, drink milk from carton, go out, study, lepak around, study, sport, come back for instant pizza as dinner, and get wasted (aka getting drunk).

By the way, I'm taking up Spanish classes! Si Si?? Lol. Was choosing between Japanese and Spanish, but since Malaysia offers lots of Japanese classes, so I thought Spanish would be more suitable. 160 pounds for 3 terms (30 weeks), 2 hours lesson.

So yeah. First class of Politics was interesting, but requires lots and lots of reading.

So far, have not hung out with the locals here. But my flat mates are really nice, and some of them come from Mauritius, Kazakhstan, Singapore, China, Pakistan (who destroyed the oven and microwave, causing two fire alarms. Cleaner said he put polystyrene plate into the oven. Actually not suppose to put any plastics inside the microwave) and 3 locals (2 guys and 1 girl. The guys are really friendly, but rarely see the girl around.)

Oh, we have a kitchen representative. And if the kitchen is too untidy, we'll get charged 50 pounds, and it would subsequently increase by 50 everytime they charge.

Really miss Malaysia food now. T.T Especially RM5 Madam Joyce Zhak Fan. Here, it's instant pizza/pasta/lasagna/noodles.

And really miss you guys too. =')

wei wen

The awesomeness that is Neil Patrick Harris =)

HI GUYS! COMING STRAIGHT TO YOU FROM CANTERBURY IS THE ONE, THE ONLY, THE MAGNIFICENT and kinda cute LOO LIK HO!!!! I just wanted to post something here since everyone is contributing to the blog...I hope all of you are doing fine and are happy. By the way, just updating bout my life in the UK. THE WEATHER IS AWESOME! i really love it here now, though i know i will be cursing the weather in about 2 months time. Somehow making friends isn't going so well though. I've only made 6 friends in my whole two weeks here. Becoming a real loner d. ): Cooking is awesome though (mainly because you get to eat whatever you want whenever you want to). Another awesome thing is of course, the crazy download speeds. I don't know how I will be able to adapt to the download speeds back in Malaysia when i return because there is just too huge a difference. I can download shows in one minute which I would take 1 hour to download back home. UK is awesome (: The feeling of freedom is just amazing. I can do whatever I want now. So I'm gonna make the best of my time here. You guys should so totally come to the UK if you can. (or if you're finance situation allow you to) Alright gotta do my assignment now so I'll be signing off. Till later guys. I really miss you all. ):

Monday, October 4, 2010

pe1!! holla if you see this!

Dear Pe1,

What have you all been up to? Im here stuck in my dorm doing homework...bleghhh. And its a sunday evening!!! have mid-terms this week. cant wait for it to be over. okieee, your turn!

I miss you guys. A lot.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Koi koi

If any of you see this, updates kudasai.

Shasha - Berkeley, California.
Dingzai, Jitzai, Maozai (Shyufei) - City University, London.
Weewee - LSE, London.
Wei Wen- Warwick, Coventry
Chua - Imperial, London.
Matthew - HELP UC
Jolyn - Taylor's Lakeside
Selva - Monash (?), sleeping in class.
Ting Chieh - *gap year and then maybe the US*
Kim - ?
Devva - Forests of Subang Jaya, surviving solo.
Alan - Curtin Sarawak
Wei Kwang - Monash M'sia
Lik Ho - University of Kent, Canterbury
Norman - Beijing, Motherland.
Jian Wen - Monash Clayton
Lalalai - Monash Clayton, roommate to Jian Wen
Joey Bang - MIA

posted by Chua
updated by Jolyn :)
updated by Lik Ho =D
updated again by Shasha :)) mangkuk lah you chua! put "berkeley boy" for what..pffft! ;)
updated updated by Wei Wen, it's not warwick, warwick. :p
updated by Jolyn (again), added in Joey.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Double mini party =D

Hey guys,

Please mark both 26th of June 2010 (Sat) and 18th June 2010 (Coming Friday) for PE1 parties.

Well, it's not exactly a huge scale party, more of a get together. And since SF is going back real soon, so do come. =)

Date: 18/6/2010 (Fri)
Time: 7pm plus (those coming from Subang, and needs help to my place, meet at SF's house around 6pm)
Venue: My house, Kota Kemuning, if you need help, I could lead the way from Subang. For specific address, SMS me.
Food: BBQ and Domino's Pizza
Activities: FIFA world cup on HD TV. =D If no game, I hope parents would allow gambling. =)
Alcohol: Maximum Shandy, or a beer. Parents are strict...
Invitation: Open to all PE1-ians
Pets: Teddy!!!! And turtles, fishes...

Let me know who's coming, cause I need to estimate the amount of food to be prepared.

Thanks! =)

wei wen

Post A Level Party @Jolyn's

Heyo peepos, now that finals is over and prom is over, which i heard that lots of nasty stuffs happened aye *cough cough*

I'm gonna be organizing a party for PE1 at my house again, just like how I've promised you guys :) tada~

Date : 26 June 2010 (Saturday)
Time : 7+ onwards
Venue : Toh's Residence
Food : Pizza + KFC or Nasi Lemak?
Drinks : brother sponsoring cartons of *cough cough* :)
Games : Circle of Death, Poker, Monopoly etc etc.

Anyway guys, I haven't decided on what food to have, so please give some suggestion ok.
And brother's gonna be sponsoring cartons of beers :)


P.S You are allowed to bring guest :)